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Virtual Reality For Automotive Design

Tim Kanellitsas


October 19, 2022


  • Overview: This virtual reality project was a design and training tool for automotive teams. This specific application Included functionality to modify the room lighting, car positioning and rotation, exterior materials & colors, surrounding environment, car parts (such as tires and rims), and leave audio recordings for your fellow designers.
  • Application Use Case: Virtual reality has demonstrated key benefits in the automotive design process, such as reducing design time, accelerating iteration cycles, increasing team collaboration, and slashing prototyping costs. Due to the virtual nature, fewer prototype materials are needed, which reduces time investment between concept and model prototype.
  • Specifics: The vehicle was originally a CAD model, imported into Unity using PiXYZ.
  • Platform: Built in Unity, on the HTC Vive
  • Companies: Unity Technologies, Pathstream, Volkswagen