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Introducing KXR: An Ebullient Hello!

Tim Kanellitsas


May 26, 2023

Hello, world.

This is an introduction. It is with great pride and excitement that we announce the launch of KairosXR (KXR): an interactive 3D training and development agency.

The word ‘Kairos’ refers to the qualitative representation of time, revolving around opportune moments for decisive action. The Greeks referred to time as both relative chronological linearity (chronos) and moments of opportunity (kairos).

We believe an opportunity exists for the world to adopt more efficient training and education tools, and to transition into an era of engaging and entertaining learning programs, precise skill assessment, and enhanced confidence and safety. This is an evolution in knowledge transfer, and it stems from interactive 3D content.

As designers, developers, and instructors, KXR combines everything we’ve learned and experienced from years of interactive 3D development: augmented reality, virtual reality, and desktop simulation. As a team of education enthusiasts and passionate technologists, KXR seeks to build best-in-class occupational training solutions for our clients and partners.

This post provides insights into the opportunities created by interactive 3D, the importance in investing in immersive, interactive 3D for rapid skill building, and our promise to exceed expectations in every capacity.

Before getting into the details, what is Interactive 3D?

Interactive 3D refers to a full spectrum of interactive media: virtual reality, augmented reality, desktop simulations, holograms, and more.

It is software simulating the 3D world around us; software that enables surgeons to practice surgeries and mechanics to practice assembling machines without real-world objects.

With interactive 3D tools, users can “interact” with the virtual world, experience rare scenarios in specific locations, and visualize intangible concepts.

Interactive 3D encompasses an experiential approach to training and education. From scalable apprenticeship-grade instruction to task-based learning and assessments, virtual reality, augmented reality, and desktop 3D are learning tools simulating operational procedures and rare scenarios.

Why Interactive 3D for Training & Education?

“We see immersive interactive 3D as the next disruptive technology for training, and as seismic as video was for learning”

Simply put, interactive 3D unlocks experiential learning and in doing so increases worker performance while reducing training costs. We build interactive 3D content because interactive 3D solutions are highly engaging, scalable, and customizable, enabling deeper engagement and maximizing learning efficiency. This is why we focus on 3D solutions to enhance our partners’ training programs.

Interactive, immersive 3D embodies the most efficient, proven training tools on the planet.

Companies around the world are converting their employee training programs to 3D, AR, and VR, slashing training time down to a fraction while increasing information retention & job performance. Why? Because interactive 3D trains teams better, faster, and smarter. Companies see benefits such as:

  • Stronger retention and quicker comprehension from apprenticeship-quality instruction, at scale.
  • Accurately tracked skill growth and proficiency through task-based evaluation, and performance and behavioral analytics.
  • Eliminated unnecessary costs associated with travel and practice equipment investments by training distributed teams remotely with virtual equipment.

Leading companies invest in the best training tools and programs they can find. They understand that their people are their most important asset, and do everything possible to maximize their potential. These technologies accelerate the individual learning process of workflows and procedures, expedite team cohesion, enhance individual productivity and safety, and improve overall employee satisfaction. And that’s the cue: interactive, immersive 3D.

  • Scalable: unlocking remote learning with simulated machinery, equipment, scenarios, and virtual apprenticeships.
  • Practical: increasing worker safety and productivity on and off the job.
  • Enjoyable: with highly engaging content improving team-wide job satisfaction.
  • Data-centric: capturing behavioral and performance information to precisely evaluate skill growth and continuously improve employee trainings

These are facts based on data. Immersive 3D is here, and continuing to demonstrate their value as the most sophisticated training and education tools in history.

What is KXR’s mission?

We exist to build training content that’s so good, trainees say ‘wow, that was awesome. I’m ready to go.’

We are in the business of training and education, and are building a full-service immersive software development agency that provides turnkey interactive 3D tools for occupational training and education, designed to accelerate skill growth.  We work on projects that range from early concepts to fully developed and scalable applications, and specialize exclusively on occupational training.

We design and develop training solutions to stimulate and inspire deep learning through immersive virtual experiences, and prioritize three goals:

  1. Maximize engagement.
  2. Accelerate comprehension.
  3. Boost retention.

These goals speak to high quality standards, in which we take pride. When we hit these goals, we magnify worker safety and confidence, while reducing training time and costs. When we hit these goals, our clients hit their goals. This is the reliability our clients deserve, and a promise we make.


We seek to build compelling, inspiring, and immersive occupational learning tools, with the end goal of maximizing human potential through accelerated learning.  Why? We get excited about a future of passionate learning inspired by “academic entertainment.” We believe learning should never be dull, and engagement is key to rapid comprehension and lasting information retention.

And therein lies the power of interactive 3D, and is why we started KXR: to help you, our clients and partners, maximize worker training quality with engaging, high-fidelity, data-centric training tools.

We fundamentally believe that a dramatic improvement in training content will increase worker safety and productivity, which in turn unlocks a future of global prosperity.

And so, we are excited to embark on this journey with you. A journey of community and relationships. A journey of research and evolving design. A journey of optimizing knowledge transfer, as we work together to build a prosperous future with increased global career mobility.

Interactive 3D tools are the most sophisticated data-backed learning tools in the world, and we are excited to be your bridge.

We are designers and developers, partnering with industry experts. Let’s get to work.

Tim Kanellitsas & Andy Jevsevar, Co-Founders of KairosXR