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KairosXW is looking for an initiative-driven Grant Writer to contribute to our fundraising goals, and in turn provide opportunities for organizational growth. As a virtual and augmented reality software development agency, our research team explores the intersection of enterprise training, healthcare, and immersive technologies. 

The Grant Writer will be responsible for identifying proposal opportunities, developing a strategy to pursue these opportunities, collaborating with the entire KairosXW team to coordinate approach, and oversee all components of the submission process, including writing, forms, and budgets.

An ideal candidate will have a proven track record of success in researching, positioning, writing, and securing grants for foundation, corporate, and government donors. They will also understand grant submission compliance, rules, and regulations for state and federal agencies, and have a working knowledge of building grant budgets. Experience in immersive technologies is a plus (VR/AR/MR). The Grant Writer will have a direct impact on not just KairosXW, but the larger R&D space of green energy sectors as a whole!

While our main office is located in San Francisco, this position is a remote role. 


  • A well established track record of critically contributing to the preparation and successful competition for such grants, as well as outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • 3+ years of direct experience in Grant Writing, with a proven track record
  • A Bachelor’s degree in a writing intensive major, i.e. Creative Writing, English, Communications, Journalism, Marketing, etc. 
  • Excellent knowledge of fundraising information sources
  • Experience in successfully overseeing grant development for private philanthropies, federal government, and building networks of partners


  • Direct experience in Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality technologies
  • An Understanding of AR and VR applications for enterprise training and healthcare
  • Market knowledge of the Education and Healthcare sectors
  • Directly contributed to projects that have resulted in published research


  • Prepare all grant proposal materials including narratives, applications, and submission documentations
  • Identify public and private grant opportunities and make recommendations on which to pursue
  • Create new and inspiring ‘stock’ language to effectively communicate strategy, goals, and programmatic activities and offerings that can be funded by multiple funders
  • Develop core capabilities and point of view that serve as prime/lead on proposals
  • Develop a menu of capabilities for serving as partner or contractor on other organizations’ proposals
  • Design templates to streamline the grant proposal process
  • Oversee internal teams related to strategy development
  • Oversee external partners as they relate to proposal development
  • Monitor project workloads and set priorities to ensure deliverables are met according to defined timelines
  • Work with partners to develop sales proposals, including participating in sales calls
  • Maintain a high level of operational expertise in current grant regulations, policies, and procedures related to federal, state, local, and private grants


KXW provides best-in-class virtual reality training software for wind turbine technicians. KXW’s (Kairos x Wind) mission is to accelerate the adoption of wind energy. How? By building industry-leading interactive 3D training courses and helping wind turbine companies & training providers build the most sophisticated learning programs in the world. This not only accelerates the wind turbine tech training process and employment opportunities, but better prepares them for the field: higher confidence, fewer onsite mistakes, safer work environments.

By building VR and desktop 3D simulations, we use technology to scale apprenticeship-based experiential learning. We will partner with training providers- community colleges, training centers, and wind turbine companies- to deliver this training to their students and employees.


KairosXW is tackling challenging design and development problems in the VR/AR space, and strongly believes that diverse teams are fundamental to efficiency, innovation, and breakthroughs. With these diverse teams come diverse perspectives, which are critical to tackling difficult problems with no linear or clear solutions; whose experiences reflect the full set of stakeholders we seek to serve. As such, KairosXW is committed to a diverse representation among our employees, and is an equal opportunity employer.

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