What we are

An AR/VR training & development agency

We are a software development team, specializing in virtual and augmented reality for vocational training & education. We obsess over instructional design, storytelling, and behavioral analytics so we can make the most engaging learning content in the world.


Industry-leading designers and developers, at your service.


Maximized retention and accelerated comprehension with engaging, immersive learning exercises.


Project opportunities, technical constraints, & expected ROI all evaluated prior to project kickoff.


Predictive analytics and behavioral data, uploaded to your LMS to track training quality and progress.


Sophisticated hardware delivered to your step, loaded with your training content, and managed remotely.


"Train the trainer," executive & developer workshops, and continued partner support through integration & rollout.

What we DO

We bring AR/VR training programs to teams across enterprise industries

Working with teams globally to convert occupational training programs to immersive 3D instruction & assessments, and integrate AR/VR technology into learning & development programs.

VR, AR, & Desktop 3D training software design and development

Design and strategy to development and integration: KXR converts 2D training courses & content to customized 3D, and develops custom
AR/VR occupational training solutions.

Training Hardware & Equipment

We will procure your hardware and deliver all equipment to you ready for use: cleaned, charged, and with the training software installed.

Behavioral & Performance Analytics, LMS Integration

Each solution comes with behavior and performance data tracking, in addition to LMS integration. Completion rates, time in module, number of mistakes and plenty of other metrics are tracked to objectively measure skill proficiency and job-readiness.

Workshops & Community Events

Learn XR design & development in one of our non-technical and technical VR and AR workshops, covering everything: the basics to Unity best practices to pro tips. Or come by one of our community events, where we bring in industry experts to discuss their innovative work in different enterprise L&D fields

how to get started

Your efficiency starts here

Each project follows the same four steps to success. The KXR team is here to help you jumpstart your AR/VR training program, providing 3D training software, hardware, and operational best practices for managing the new program.

"The physical therapy VR application was exactly what we needed for the pilot study. Professional, polished, and delivered on time. Would absolutely work with the KXR team again."

Leah Gitajn
Orthopedic Surgeon, Dartmoth-Hitchcock medical

“The VR trainer demonstrated a reduction in training time and increase in information retention. This application proves the future of VR for training.”

Levi VossLead Trainer/Designer, Roche Diagnostics

“Quite good. This is the most innovative program in our organization, without a doubt. This project was a huge success. Truly excellent.”

Mohammed AL Harthy
Head of Learning Systems (& Technology), PDO

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